Presentation of ECOVEM project

On 23.02.2024 in the Smolyan base of the Faculty of Physics and Technology of the University of Plovdiv Paisii Hilendarski was held a dissemination event organized by Romit Ltd. within the ECOVEM project. Dimitar Tokmakov from Romit Ltd, presented the results achieved by the ECOVEM consortium so far, as well as the developed courses from […]

Hackathon on measuring fine dust particles concentration

The concentration of fine dust particles is one of the most important air parameters. Nowadays, the problem of fine dust particles is very relevant in the context of air pollution worldwide. As part of the dissemination of the ECoVEM project, a Hackathon was organized on 12.11.2023 with PU students and students from the profiled vocational […]

Ecovem Project disseminaton meeting in the town of Smolyan

On 12.11.2023 in the town of Smolyan, a disseminaton meeting was organized by Romit Ltd to promote the results achieved by Ecovem Project so far. The meeting was coorganized with DK Solution – VET training center operating in South Bulfgaria. The event was attended by students from engineering specialties in the field of electronics at […]