IoT in the green transition in the framework of ECOVEM project

On 15.07.2023, Eng. Dimitar Tokmakov from Romit LTD was appointed as scientific supervisor of the diploma thesis of the graduate in Hardware and Software Systems of PLOVDIV UNIVERSITY “PAISII HILENDARSKI”, FACULTY OF PHYSICS AND TECHNOLOGY, Smolyan Branch on “Autonomous mobile power system for
mobile devices”, which receives electrical energy from a photovoltaic panel.
The device was designed and developed by the student Veselin Kichukov under the supervision of Dr. Stanislav Asenov.

Techniques and methods were used for the realization of the devices which are studied in the disciplines “Programming”, “Power supply devices” as well as, “Microprocessor technology”, studied in the engineering specialty “Hardware and software systems” at Plovdiv University “Paisiy Hilendarski” Faculty of Physics and Technology.
The thesis was successfully defended and to the student Veselin Kichukov was awarded the bachelor’s degree in hardware and software systems.

An extremely good and innovative idea is the use of solar energy for creating an autonomous mobile power system with greater capacity that would allows multiple devices to be charged at the same time, or one multiple times without needing to be plugged into the mains.

This is demonstration of the potential of microelectronics and associated applications & technologies such as : use of renewable energy sources, energy and resources consumption management, smart waste management, smart mobility and smart homes, environmental monitoring (in urban areas – pollution and air quality).