Presentation of ECOVEM project

On 23.02.2024 in the Smolyan base of the Faculty of Physics and Technology of the University of Plovdiv Paisii Hilendarski was held a dissemination event organized by Romit Ltd. within the ECOVEM project.

Dimitar Tokmakov from Romit Ltd, presented the results achieved by the ECOVEM consortium so far, as well as the developed courses from the portal to more than 25 students and lecturers.

New ideas for practical projects in the field of Embedded systems and Internet of Things were presented – courses developed by Romit LTD, which the students of Hardware and Software Systems and Automotive Electronic Systems of Plovdiv University will develop as their diploma theses.

Dr. Stanislav Asenov from Plovdiv University together with Dimitar Tokmakov from Romit LTD will be the scientific supervisors of the diploma projects of the Master and Bachelor students. This is an excellent example of cooperation in business science and education collaboration within the ECOVEM project.